5 Different Types Of Income You Can Start Making Immediately

Graph of Stock MarketStart making money today, even if you are an absolute beginner. What could you do if you made $500 per month? There are many types of income you can start making today. The trick is finding out which one fits you and your lifestyle best. We look at five types of income you can start generating immediately.

Types of Income You Can Be Making Now


If you are looking for ways to earn money and make extra income, here’s a list of five types of income that you can start right now.


Earned Income


Earned income is the money you earn from working and selling your time and skills. It is money you’ve made through working.




Profit income is the money that you make from selling products and services. It is a critical metric for small businesses because it tells them how much cash they generate by selling their products or services.


Interest Income


Interest income is money you earn from lending your money to others. For example, if you have $1,000 in the bank and deposit it into an investment account that pays 5% interest per year, you’ll have $1,050 in that account at the end of the year. The interest income from this account is $50.


You can make money from your interest income, including investing in real estate, the stock market, or mutual funds.

Dividend Income


Dividend income is the money you get from owning a share of a company. When a company makes money, it can choose to give some of that profit to its shareholders. Dividend income is paid out in cash or sometimes by giving you more shares in the company’s stock.


Capital Gains Income


Capital gains income is the return on investment. It is a form of income that is derived from assets that have increased in value. Capital gains can be considered a profit, but they are not taxed as such. Instead, capital gains are taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income.

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You’re probably reading this because you want to build more income streams. That’s great! Making money, even in small amounts, is incredible and will help you build wealth. You can choose from these five different types of income that will suit you best.