How TaxCaddy Can Help You Avoid an Audit

Many of our customers are very small businesses that have never had a good system for tracking expenses or documenting their income. As a result, they are always at risk of being audited by the IRS. TaxCaddy can help prevent you from being audited.


TaxCaddy is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that can help you file your tax returns on time and keep track of all of your expenses. It eliminates the need to manually enter data into excel sheets from various data sources. To help you understand how TaxCaddy can be beneficial for your business, the following are the benefits that come with using TaxCaddy:


Benefits of Using TaxCaddy


  • TaxCaddy makes uploading documents an easy process throughout the year. Don’t keep your clients waiting until the very end of tax season to send in their forms. A workload compression tool will ease the burden on your staff and enable them to get through their paperwork faster.


  • TaxCaddy allows you to create a list of all the documents your client needs to submit for their tax return. Your client can easily reference this list when they’re compiling their information.


  • TaxCaddy offers your clients a client portal experience that makes them feel special. Taxpayers can access the firm’s library of tax documents, take photos of receipts, and e-sign their tax returns with our mobile apps.


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Bottom line, if you are using TaxCaddy, and you are doing your taxes correctly, then you shouldn’t be worried about an audit. If you want to ensure your tax return goes well without issues, then having assistance from a professional is what you need. The help of a tax consultant or tax lawyer would go a long way in helping you make the right decision when filing your taxes.